Escalades have always been praised for their space, comfort, and notoriety. With us, we aim to give you those qualities with our truly remarkable rental inventory. Here at Exotic Rentals, we only want you driving around Miami in the best rentals possible. Our inventory and service is stated to be the best in the Miami area, time and time again!

Ready to rent an Escalade from our highly-rated, Miami exotic rental service?? Here’s why you should…

Simple Notoriety

There is nothing truly like driving in an Escalade. When pondering through the reasons to rent an Escalade in Miami, their awesome notoriety should be considered. Cadillac Escalades have always been cherished and sought-after, and it does not look like this trait will change any time soon. After all, they have been featured in music videos, movies, etc. for the last few decades, thus engraining their spot in popular culture and style. Here at Exotic Rentals, we are ready to get your behind their wheels!

Time-Tested Comfort

Riding with comfort is a must, and Escalades provide this must, plus more! When riding in a Cadillac Escalade, you never have to worry about your hurt back, sprained neck, or achy bones. They truly are a luxury car to experience. Exotic Rentals is ready to get you equipped in one, so if you love low prices, great service, and an awesome inventory selection, you would love our great exotic rental service, based in the Miami area!

Incredible Low-Prices

While many see the escalade as a pure success vehicle, our prices definitely reflect an attainable amount.  With us, you can easily afford, and ride in, these SUV beauties, thus giving you, the renter, with an awesomely cherished rental experience. Ready to ride in style? Contact us now!

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Selecting a cool, sleek escalade has never been easier. When considering our great lineup of well looked after escalades, plus the rest of our awesome exotics, make sure to give us a call today! Trust me, we only want our customers to leave happy. Your rental experience is seriously important to us, thus making us a great choice for all of your rental needs! Ready to be amazed? Give us a shout!